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BioImage Computing Workshop @ CVPR 2015

We are happy to announce our CVPR workshop. Paper submission is open... we are looking forward receiving your submissions!  

January Hackathon in Konstanz hosts Open Source BioImage Analysis Symposium

Curtis Rueden, Lee Kamentsky, Kevin Mader, Christian Dietz, Johannes Schindelin, Tobias Pietzsch, Florian Jug and many others will get together in Konstanz from the 21st until the 27th of January to make yet another step towards providing powerful image and data analysis software tailored

ScienceCafé on Bioinformatics hosts Michael Hiller and Florian Jug

Follow the ScienceCafé on Twitter: @ScienceCafeDD

Meldelspod: After a Decade on the Sidelines, Gene Myers Back into Sequencing, Excited about Long Reads


"Spatenstich" for the new CSBD Building

On August 28th 2014 the construction work for our new CSBD building where officially launched. See below what MDR aired on the evening of this historical day...

Gene's "Pimp your Post-doc" talk...

...was a big success! People likes his style, mainly the ones who did not know him well before.

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Trackathon 2014 in Heidelberg

Dagmar, Tobi, and Florian recently visited a very productive hackathon in Heidelberg. This joint hackathon with developers of KNIME, imglib, OpenGM, and CellProfiler was destined to improve interoperability with all these great libraries.

Gene's Blog: DAZZLER

MPG Profile of Gene

Eugene W. Myers never attended a biology course. But despite this fact, he has made a career for himself in this field, and in developing a computer program, made a major contribution to decoding the human genome. The bioinformatician has

We are HAPPY at MPI-CBG!!!

Yes, we are... and here's the proof: