Trackathon 2014 in Heidelberg

Dagmar, Tobi, and Florian recently visited a very productive hackathon in Heidelberg. This joint hackathon with developers of KNIME, imglib, OpenGM, and CellProfiler was destined to improve interoperability with all these great libraries.


Gene's Blog: DAZZLER


MPG Profile of Gene

Eugene W. Myers never attended a biology course. But despite this fact, he has made a career for himself in this field, and in developing a computer program, made a major contribution to decoding the human genome. The bioinformatician has recently become Director at the the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, and the Klaus-Tschira Chair of the Systems Biology Center in Dresden. Here, he and his team will develop new light microscopes and computer programs to analyze the images produced by them. <READ FULL ARTICLE>


We are HAPPY at MPI-CBG!!!

Yes, we are... and here's the proof:

Talk by Gene: Visualizing Neural Anatomy (VIZBI 2012)

In this talk, Gene discusses a new kind of 2-photon microscope he has invented that is being used to gather 3D tissue image data at an unprecedented resolution; within a few years, it is expected to yield a complete 3D map of all dendrites and synapses within mouse brain. He discusses the upcoming challenges with the abstraction, representation, and visualization of these Petabyte-scale datasets. This talk was presented at VIZBI 2012, an international conference series on visualizing biological data ( funded by EMBO & NIH. This video was filmed and distributed with permission under a creative common license.

This video can be downloaded here.

Talk by Gene: What's Behind BLAST

This year the jubilee 25th Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Pattern Matching was taking place in Yandex’s Moscow office. The premier international event in the field of algorithms on strings, it is organised by the Higher School of Economics and will run for three days.

The conference begins with open lectures by renowned scientists Alberto Apostolico, Maxime Crochemore and Gene Myers. The abstracts can be read on the conference website, Gene's full talk can be seen here.