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Selected Publications

M. Kaiser, F. Jug, T. Julou, S. Deshpande, T. Pfohl, O. Silander, E.W. Myers and E. van Nimwegen (2018): Monitoring single-cell gene regulation under dynamically controllable conditions with integrated microfluidics and software. Nat Commun, 9(1) Art. No. 212

L.A. Royer, W. Lemon, R. Chhetri, Y. Wan, M. Coleman, E.W. Myers and P.J. Keller (2016): Adaptive light-sheet microscopy for long-term, high-resolution imaging in living organisms. Nature Biotechnology, volume 34, 1267–1278

L.C. Stapel, B. Lombardot, C. Broaddus, D. Kainmueller, F. Jug, E.W. Myers and N. Vastenhouw (2016): Automated detection and quantification of single RNAs at cellular resolution in zebrafish embryos. Development, 143(3) 540-546

L.A. Royer, M. Weigert, U. Günther, N. Maghelli, F. Jug, I.F. Sbalzarini and E.W. Myers (2015): ClearVolume – Open-source live 3D visualization for light sheet microscopy.
Nature Methods 12, 480–481 (2015)

M. Decker, S. Jaensch, A. Pozniakovsky, A. Zinke, K.F. O'Connell, W. Zachariae, E. Myers, and A.A. Hyman (2011):Limiting amounts of centrosome material set centrosome size in C.elegans embryos. Current Biology 21, 15, 1259-1267.

F. Long, H. Peng, X. Liu, S.K. Kim, and E. Myers (2009): A 3D Digital Atlas of C. elegans and its application to single-cell analysis. Nature Methods 6, 9, 667-672.

D. O'Connor, N. Clack, D. Huber, T. Komiyama, E.W. Myers, and K. Svoboda (2010): Vibrissa-based object localization in head-fixed mice. J. of Neuroscience, 30, 5, 1947-1967

H. Peng, F. Long, and G. Myers (2011): Automatic 3D Neuron Tracing Using All-Paths Pruning. Conf. on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (Vienna), 239-247.

E.W. Myers, G.G. Sutton, A.L. Delcher, I.M Dew, D.P. Fasulo, M.J. Flannigan, S.A. Kravitz, C.M Mobarry, K.H. Reinert, K.A. Remington, E.L. Anson, R.A> Bolanos, H.H. Chou, C.M. Jordan, A.L. Halpern, S. Lonardi, E.M. Beasley, R.C. Brandon, L. Chen, P.J. Dunn, Z. Lai, Y. Lian, D.R. Nusskern, M. Zhan, Q. Zhang, X. Zheng, G.M. Rubin, M.D. Adams, and J.C. Venter (2000): A Whole-Genome Assembly of Drosophila. Science 287, 2196-2204