Robert Haase

Research interests

  • Bridging the gap between image acquisition and image analysis.
  • Interdisciplinary research in life sciences (full range from biology, adaptive optics and microscopy to bio-image analysis, software engineering and high performance computing).

Current projects

  • Smart microscopy
  • Microscope control software development
  • Adaptive microscopy / adaptive optics
  • Long-term SPIM imaging of developing Drosophila, Tribolium, Zebrafish etc.

Curriculum Vitae

2017 -
Post-doctoral researcher in Computational Microscopy at Myers Lab, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics Dresden, working on adaptive microscopy and adaptive optics

2015 - 2017
Scientific software engineer in BioImage Informatics at Scionics GmbH, position based at Scientific Computing Facility, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden

2013 - 2015
Research assistant in the High Precision Radiotherapy group at OncoRay / Medical Faculty, TU Dresden, working on image analysis, deformable image registration and radiomics

2010 - 2013
PhD student in the Biological and Molecular Imaging group at OncoRay / Medical Faculty, TU Dresden, Topic of thesis: Optimisation and Validation of a Swarm Intelligence based Segmentation Algorithm for low Contrast Positron Emission Tomography, supervisors: Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Nasreddin Abolmaali and Prof. Dr-Ing. Hans-Joachim Böhme

2008 - 2010
Student assistant in the Biological and Molecular Imaging group at OncoRay / Medical Faculty, TU Dresden working on image registration slice-by-slice histology and histology with magnetic resonance imaging

2006 - 2010
Student of Computer Science at University of Applied Sciences HTW Dresden, Topic of thesis: Development of a segmentation algorithm for low-contrast Positron Emission Tomography , supervisor Prof. Dr-Ing. Hans-Joachim Böhme

2004 - 2005
Junior technical project leader at Spiritlink GmbH, Erlangen

2001 - 2004
Trainee IT Specialist for software application development at Spiritlink GmbH in Erlangen

Recent publications / software